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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lloyds TSB Illustration Comp 2008

© Darren Lithgo 2008
My Illustration represents the light “bulb” as both an energy efficient product, and as an iconic symbol of ideas and inspiration. It makes the link between environment and energy co- existing in an age of climate change, requiring cost effective and sustainable ideas to be the lifeforce for the next generation.
I started creating my work in traditional media, from sketching my ideas on paper, to ink, pastels, acrylics and finally using Photoshop to digitally enhance and further develop details and effects. My mixed media approach was inspired by how Lloyds TSB provides innovative and original solutions to complex problems. The energy saving bulb offers a solution to the very real problem of excessive energy consumption and increasing costs by being innovative.
Through taking the traditional energy inefficient light ‘bulb’ and planting it, the bulb receives a spark of inspiration - a eureka moment. This moment kick-starts the whole generation of ideas. These then start to develop and blossom and are nurtured to full fruition and go on to repeat the process by means of inspiring others.
The concept was inspired by Lloyds TSB’s position as a market leader in creating timely, responsive business solutions.

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