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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Old Wives Tales

Artwork & Lyrics © D Lithgo 2010

When cows stop grazing
And their tails start raising
The rains will soon arrive

First rain, then a flood
Then nothing but mud
Which will leave the poor farmer in strife

If love hasn't found you
And you begin to despair
Help is at hand, but please be aware
When Cupid comes calling, he can be a menace
As he delivers his special love lettuce.

When feeling the urge to sneeze,
Best give your nostrils a squeeze,
For the devil is poised to possess you
Unless someone cries out "God bless you!".”

When catching and releasing a ladybird
A young lady will get a surprise
For in the direction it travels
Her future husband arrives.

When you swallow the seeds of an apple
Your stomach will start to grapple
And indigestion will soon begin.

The seeds will converge
And the roots will emerge
Causing a tree to grow from within.

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