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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

One Direction

                                                                © D Lithgo 2010  

          Photo Manipulation - created in photoshop using my own photographs. 
My concept is based upon how natural objects are being replaced by man-made ones. The natural environment is being sacrificed to make way for ugly towers, chemical works and nuclear power stations etc.

The historical roots of heavy industry bear their polluted fruit upon the lands and skies of North East England. Trees are replaced by huge towering furnaces that vomit pollution into the sky while we sleep. The message in my artwork informs us all that we must take better care of our environment, before it is lost forever. Not only do we need to take better care of our land but also the other species that inhabit it with us. Animals and our food are now being ‘modified’ against nature. The signpost in my art suggests the direction we are going if we continue in this way.

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